How to Fix “Failed to Download File, the File Contents Differ” Error in Minecraft

Imagine coming home after a long day of school, and finally getting on your computer to play some video games. However, you launch Minecraft and see this on your screen: “Failed to download file, the file contents differ from what was expected.”

As upsetting as this error may be, the fix is relatively easy. In this guide, we walk you through 7 ways to get rid of the Failed to Download File error so you can go back to gaming.

Method 1: Replace the Previously Installed .JAR File

Right off the bat, the first method of fixing this error should be to replace the .JAR file. The error message gives you a URL and path for downloading a new file. Simply download a new .JAR file and put it in your Minecraft folder by following these steps:

1. Open a web browser window and copy-paste the URL specified in the error message. Press Enter.
2. Wait for the file to finish downloading.
3. Go to your Download Directory and copy the recently downloaded file.
4. Go to the file path given in the error message. It differs from user to user, but it’s usually in this format: /Users/<username>/Library/…
5. Navigate to the previously installed .jar file and delete it. Then simply paste the new .JAR file in this folder.

Finally, restart your device once you’re done and launch the game. The error should be resolved!

Method 2: Remove the Corrupted Mod

If you’ve downloaded several mods in Minecraft, a corrupted mod or incompatible files could have entered your system, causing this error. To verify if you have a corrupted mod, follow these steps:

1. Shut down and exit from the Minecraft Launcher.
2. Use the Windows + R keyboard shortcut and type %appdata% in the dialog box that appears. Press Enter.
3. Go to the .minecraft directory, and double-click on the mods folder.
4. Copy your mods to a separate folder before deleting the current folder.
5. Delete the current mods folder from the .minecraft directory.

6. Launch your Minecraft Launcher. You should be able to download the file now without the error message popping up. 

If Minecraft launches without errors once you’ve done this, you know the culprit is a corrupted mod.

To find which mod is causing the problem, copy-paste mods one by one to the original folder and launch Minecraft. Once you find the corrupted mod, remove it permanently.

Method 3: Change the .JAR Files Default Application 

.JAR files require a Java runtime environment to run. Inadvertently setting a different default app to launch .JAR files results in this error because other applications are likely to fail when trying to execute all classes and resources of the .JAR file in one request. Here’s how to remedy this issue:

1. Open C: > Users> %username% > AppData > Roaming. 
2. Go to .minecraft.
3. Right-click a file with the .jar extension and select Properties. 
4. Select the Change button next to the Opens With option.
5. Set Java or JDK as default for Minecraft. 

Method 4: Add Minecraft to the Microsoft Defender Firewall Safelist

The Microsoft Defender Firewall can prevent Minecraft from downloading the file, causing the error. Whitelisting Minecraft might help resolve the problem:

1. Right-click on the Windows Start button and launch the Settings app.
2. Navigate to Privacy & Security. 
3. Select Windows Security from the right-hand pane.

4. Choose Firewall & network protection.

5. Here, select Allow an app through the firewall.

6. Select Change settings and pick the Allow another app… button.
7. Hit Browse and look for Minecraft. 
8. Press the Add button. 
9. Click Ok after checking the Private and Public boxes.

If you’re using a third-party antivirus or firewall, it might also interfere with Minecraft and cause the issue. 

This might impact the functionality of the game and stop it from operating seamlessly. In that case, disable your antivirus or firewall and try downloading your files again. 

If this doesn’t work, switch to a different antivirus or firewall, contact your antivirus’s support center, or add Minecraft to the exception list.

Method 5: Reinstall Minecraft

If none of the solutions have worked so far, consider reinstalling Minecraft. 

You’ll have to delete the current Minecraft installation, so backup your progress first. Go to the game files, copy the Save folder, and paste it into a different folder. Next:

1. Open the Windows Control Panel, select Programs and Features, look for Minecraft Launcher, right-click on the app, and press Uninstall.
2. Go to C: > Users > %username% > AppData > Roaming to delete the .minecraft folder.
3. Navigate to Minecraft’s official website and reinstall the app.

Ensure that you copy the Save folder in the same location after reinstalling to retain your progress in the game.

Method 6: Utilize the Vanilla Launcher

Non-vanilla launchers can also cause the Failed to Download File, the File Contents differ error. Try switching to the vanilla launcher and check if that fixes the problem.

Locate the installed folder of the non-vanilla launcher and delete all the files. Then, launch the vanilla launcher.

If this method works, simply continue using the vanilla launcher.

Method 7: Ensure the Error Isn’t from Minecraft’s End

If none of the above solutions work, the error could have originated from Minecraft’s end. To confirm, go to Minecraft’s bug reporting tool and check out the most recently reported issues.

If you see multiple reports for this error, you’ll have to wait for Minecraft to resolve the issue. If you’re the only one facing this issue, you could try to flag it and wait for Minecraft’s response.


You can apply any of the methods mentioned above to eliminate the Failed to Download File the File Contents Differ error and get back your Minecraft gaming session. But if you’re facing the issue from Minecraft’s end and don’t want to wait, try out the classic version of the game on the web.

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